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Greater Texas Paranormal Society

Experienced ghost hunters providing paranormal investigations for the benefit of clients experiencing unusual events in their homes or businesses is the primary focus of the Greater Texas Paranormal Society.

Seeking Answers

Apparition on stairs, possible paranormal activity

At the Greater Texas Paranormal Society, everyday is a learning experience for us. As paranormal investigators in Texas everything that we attend and do, whether it be a case, a retreat, a camp, a convention, etc., is a learning experience for us all. Plus…we must always remember that, “We are not alone. The spirits walk among us!” With the education and the experience that we take from all of our adventures in the paranormal world, we will work to help the public in any way we can as well as educate those with open minds about the paranormal.  

About Us

The Greater Texas Paranormal Society is headquartered in San Marcos, Texas. It’s origins began as the Galloway Township Paranormal Society in Galloway, New Jersey in 2012. In 2015 this group was disbanded and reformed as the Greater Texas Paranormal Society following a move to San Marcos, Texas. Our group is lead by a husband and wife team – Deborah and Harry Maxfield. Deborah serves as lead investigator while Harry serves as tech manager and researcher. As paranormal investigators ( aka ghost hunters ) in Texas, we frequently meet with other paranormal investigation teams and are always available to assist other teams with their cases. We invite you to watch a short video documentary featuring the Greater Texas Paranormal Society to gain more insight into our group.

With well over 100 investigations completed, our team of investigators volunteer their time and expertise to assist those that believe they are experiencing events in their homes or businesses that can not otherwise be explained. There is never a charge for the our services. Our focus is generally anywhere within a 75 mile radius from San Marcos. However, we are willing to travel to other areas as needed. All investigations are conducted by our team of experienced investigators.  We respect our clients need for confidentiality and will never divulge any personal information.

Give Us A Call

We are available to meet with you.  Please feel free to give us a call or complete our request assistance form to schedule an appointment to discuss your need for a paranormal investigation.

Greater Texas Paranormal Society

San Marcos, Texas

(512) 214-4055