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Our Investigation Services

Prior to conducting paranormal investigations there are several important steps that are taken by the Greater Texas Paranormal Society.

Upon contact from a potential client, we schedule a comprehensive interview to gather all the current facts and history regarding the clients claims. This includes family history and property history. Utilizing the information obtained from our client interview, we perform extensive research to gather information that may be relevant to the clients claims. Upon acceptance of the case, we schedule an investigation to be conducted by our team. Investigations typically last 2 to 4 hours. Upon completion of the investigation we perform a thorough review of all data captured. The client will receive a detailed written report covering all aspects of our investigation including video/audio clips of captured evidence.

It is important to note that our goal is to provide answers to our client relevant to their claims. Many times, our investigation will reveal that the cause for an event the client is experiencing is not paranormal in nature and we can prove that it is caused by such things as air currents, vibration, faulty electrical wiring, etc. Our ultimate goal is to provide the client with answers, paranormal or otherwise.

There is never a charge for our paranormal investigations!

paranormal investigations by the Greater Texas Paranormal Society